Celebrating Mother’s Day whether you are together or apart

Whether you are together or apart, there are still many ways to celebrate with your mum this Mother’s Day. Here’s how to spoil her…

You were never closer together than when she brought you into this world and once a year you have the chance to celebrate that special bond between you.

And it’s all types of mums too – adoptive mums, aunties, nannas and sisters – who have supported you through the good and the bad. So Sunday, May 10, is a day to say thanks.

So far, we’ve struggled through the start of 2020, so we need a chance to celebrate with mum in any way we can, whether we are celebrating together, or have to celebrate apart.

Plenty of World Square retailers remain open for your convenience, even during this difficult time. So if you are cooking up a breakfast treat for your mum, or planning on spoiling her with chocolates and flowers, then Coles – with its safe distancing and hygiene protocols – has everything you need. Be it everyday groceries, daily essentials, a box of her favourite chocolates or a brilliant bouquet for your mum, good things are happening at Coles. And if you aren’t able to see your grandmother or elderly relatives, be sure to drop them a bunch of roses or a box of chocolates at their doorstep.

If you have something more exotic than bacon and eggs, French toast or croissants in mind, then perhaps you might head to Miracle Asian Supermarket – your one-stop Asian supermarket and butcher – to get the ingredients for a special dinner, including Singapore Noodles recipe for starters! And cook up some extra to drop off at your grandmother’s or elderly relatives. Or you could choose chocolates or sweet selection from Miracle Asian Supermarket’s wide range of their specialty treats, imported from Japan, Korean, Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere across the globe.

Over at Priceline Pharmacy, all the choosing has been done for you. There is a wide variety of Priceline gift packs available for Mother’s Day, as well as a huge selection of fragrances to choose from, not to mention Priceline is offering half price on big branded fragrances from Thursday 7 May to Saturday 9 May! There’s something for every mum at Priceline. And while you are there, stock up on essential vitamins and personal hygiene products!

There are plenty of other shopping options at World Square too. So whatever gift you have in mind, you are likely to find it at World Square. Sometimes a simple greeting card can be more meaningful than the gift itself! So be sure to select yours from the huge range available at World News on Lower Ground. Big gift or small, remembering mum’s special day is the most important thing of all.

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