Cocktails and Perfect Pairings

Be your own bartender with these delicious cocktail recipes and make for a fabulous night in with complementing takeaway meals from some of our favourite food stores.

Get your cocktail shaker, ice cubes and tiny umbrellas ready because we are providing you with inspired cocktail recipes that are destined to pair perfectly with some of our takeaway foodies.

All recipes are linked within so you don’t have to go hunting.

Spicy Margarita

Because why not spice it up?

Transport yourself to the ocean breeze and beaches of Mexico with a Spicy-Marg, slap on a sombrero and you’re good to go with this refreshing cocktail that comes with a bit of kick!

Is your stomach rumbling? A delicious cocktail can only satisfy your hunger for a little while, so we recommend pairing this concoction with a Quesadilla, Burrito or serving of Nachos from none other than our favourite authentic Mexican hub: Guzman Y Gomez.

Lychee Martini

Who doesn’t adore that pop of sweetness when you bite into a lychee? Turn this exotic fruit into a martini, and in the words of James Bond, we’ll take it shaken and not stirred. Pair this splash of flavour with the likes of A Taste of Shanghai with their Shanghainese specialities such as xiao long bao and pan-fried pork buns. Or order from Din Tai Fung for their freshly made pork dumplings – a perfect pairing for a fresh lychee martini.

The Jungle Bird

Take a trip to Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur, where this delicious tropical rum cocktail was first created in the early 70’s.  The jungle bird is a fun tropical rum cocktail that has a few interesting twists. It was created in the early ’70s at the famed Aviary Bar inside Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Hilton. Rum, pineapple, and lime are typically found in tropical cocktails, but Campari is this recipe’s point of difference. With Papparich opening their doors earlier this year, there is no better option than to pair this Malaysian cocktail with Malaysian cuisine. We recommend the fiery Nasi Lemak or the silky smooth Curry Laksa for the perfect date night.

Moscow Mule

There is nothing like the refreshing hit of ginger beer on a hot day, and what would make it even better is mixing it into a thirst-quenching cocktail! The Moscow Mule is quick and easy and will definitely hit the spot. Pair it with a fresh Grill’d Burger made with no-nasties and have yourself a healthy cheat day.

Where to buy supplies: 

Oops… have we made you thirsty?

If you’re in need of ingredients for these mouth-watering cocktails – LiqourlandColes and Miracle Supermarkets are open for your convenience.

Happy Bartending!

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