Dear Santa, I Can Explain…

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to buy for your nearest and dearest.

After time away from loved ones, there’s never been a better time to show how well you know your relatives and shower them with a little love (flaws and all!).

If your family is a little *ahem* “niche”, Christmas represents the perfect opportunity to indulge their weirdest tastes and behaviours. Let’s be real, we all have that one uncle who says inappropriate things at the dinner table or the aunt that leaves a spot of lipstick on your face every time she greets you and let’s not forget, innocent little granny, who doesn’t shy away from letting you know when you’ve put on a few extra kilos

To help you get some ideas flowing, we’ve put together a list that will impress the hardest of critics, from the awkward uncle to the cousin with the gaming addiction to help you find a gift that best suits them.

1. The Weird Uncle

Now, we all have that ‘weird’ uncle that we love, despite his often crude humour & inappropriate jokes. But hey, at least it’s entertaining! He has a list full of left-of-centre hobbies that makes him quite easy to buy for because there are lots to choose from. If your uncle is the type to go off the grid fishing for a few days, look no further than The North Face. It’s stocked full of premium camping gear to take on his next trip. If putting a bet on at the races is more up his alley, Politix has a range of gift ideas for all ages. Why don’t you check out their range of cufflinks, funky ties or hats!

2. The OTT Aunt

She’s the quirky aunt with big, frizzy hair, she smells like essential oils and can ‘read your aura’. The one who gives you the biggest bear-hug as you walk through the door and leaves lipstick marks along your face. And we love every bit of it! Treat your fun-loving aunt with a gift to match her personality. Pandora has a range of charms that match her favourite hobbies, movies and yes even pets!

3. The Gamer Cousin

Dark, mysterious, and a bit of a loner, your gamer cousin is experiencing some of the most embarrassing years of adolescence. If he’s not hiding upstairs in his room, he’s asking his mum to fetch him a plate of food so he can go back into hibernation and continue with his winning streak on Fortnight. Help him during these tough times with a new video game from EB Games or even a console from JB Hi-Fi. You never know – he may even crack a smile

4. The ‘Cool’ Cousin

We all have that one cousin that is the overachiever in the family. You’re pretty sure she would have bullied you at school and if you’re unlucky, you’ll be seated next to her at Christmas lunch so she can tell you all about the amazing life experiences learnt travelling the world. But hey, you love her anyway and to impress a cousin that seems to have it all, you can’t go past Lorna Jane if she’s sporty, she’ll love their range of $99 summer sets! If she’s a makeup fan, Boniik has all her skincare and makeup needs sorted. Their RX Hydrating and RX Nourishing sets are gentle on the skin and budget!

5. The Funny Grandma

No matter how much time you spend getting ready for the big day, rest assured the Funny Grandma will find something questionable about your hair or outfit. It doesn’t hurt, though – she’s a comedian, really! Return the joke by gifting grandma a new pair of glasses from 1001 Optical. They currently have 20% off frames and sunglasses from now, until the 25th Dec* (T&C’s Apply) With a new pair of specs, she’ll start to see how great you really look!

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