Faces of World Square

It wouldn’t be the same without all the wonderful and whimsical people who make up World Square. From your early morning coffees, to your late night grocery shop, the faces you see are the ones that make the World (Square) go round.

So, we thought we should highlight and pay tribute to these incredible people who bring you all kinds of delicious snacks and meals, services and cutting-edge fashions.

(Please note this image was taken prior to Covid-19 restrictions)

Kelvin from Miracle Supermarkets

Kelvin has been a part of the World Square Miracle Supermarkets team for 3 years. He says: “it’s a great work environment, with diverse and multicultural customers”. Kelvin has remained a special part of the team for so long as he loves the team he works with, he even says he’d break his bank account and spend it all at his own store.

Kelvin is a mad Harry Potter fan – who isn’t, and if Kelvin had a superpower, it would be to cure covid while being able to indulge in all the homemade fried chicken he can!

(Please note this image was taken prior to Covid-19 restrictions)

Nina from Max Brenner

Nina is a pretty fresh face at World Square with Max Brenner opening their doors in June this year, but she has been their Cafe Manager since! Nina is a bit of an old soul when it comes to her love of classical/jazz music, however her love of the Marvel Universe speaks volumes about her vibrant personality.

Nina loves working in the heart of the CBD, but if she had a superpower she’d still choose to be able to teleport to fulfill her love of travel – first stop Mexico! Mixing with her love of travel, Nina’s favourite dish to cook at home is pork ribs soup with pickled cabbage (In Thai: See Krong Moo Dhom Pak Gaad Dong) – a nostalgic recipe from her Aunty that takes her back to her childhood.

Nina says she’d max out her credit card at Peter Alexander, she says “hands down, sign me up for cute and comfy pyjamas!”

(Please note this image was taken prior to Covid-19 restrictions)

Jie from Coco Tea 

Meet Jie, a long-standing team member from Coco Tea of 3 years! With Jie, you always know where you stand – she’s a very straightforward person – what she loves, she loves, and what she hates, she hates.

Jie is a Mission Impossible fanatic and she often sits back to watch Tom Cruise with her favourite at-home meal: Beef Wellington! Being the team player she is, Jie would bust her bank account at her own store!

(Please note this image was taken prior to Covid-19 restrictions)

Danny from Nosh Up Cafe

Say hello to Danny! Danny is the Cafe Manager at Nosh Up Cafe World Square and he’s been here for 3 years. He loves the vast array of customers he gets to communicate with on the job. Danny says “I hope to pass on the smiles and feelings of happiness to every customer of mine”. A kind of passion we love to see here at World Square!

Danny’s favourite movie is the critically acclaimed Shawshank Redemption with his favourite Chicken Pesto Rigatoni to dive into. He says it’s made from very simple ingredients, but he can’t help but go back for more each bite! Nosh Up Cafe has been a successful coffee shop at World Square for nearly 5 years, and with the aroma of coffee beans – Danny says he’d happily spend his earnings at Nosh.

Becky from The Gardens Cafe

Meet Becky (with the good hair – sorry we had to!) Becky has been working at The Gardens Cafe for 4 months and she’s thriving in her environment with a dream team of colleagues and the free food of course. While at home, Becky is expanding on her love of pasta with a “no-recipe” approach to cooking 7 days a week, while Breakfast at Tiffany’s plays in the background.

Her superpower? Becky would fly so she can visit her family without the worry of closed borders. When it comes to World Square and where Becky would break her bank, there was no hesitation in announcing that she’d support The Gardens Cafe (obviously).

Nadia from Hokkaido x PAFU

Nadia has been a member of the World Square family at Hokkaido x PAFU for 3 years and what she’s loved most about her time with us is the convenience of Coles being so nearby, and the epic lunches she gets on her lunch breaks from Ramen Zundo and Guzman Y Gomez.

Like Becky, Nadia also wishes to fly as her superpower so flight fares will be the least of her concerns. When she’s not watching Marvel movies or listening to Doja Cat and T-Swizzle, she’s cooking Thai chilli Basil Chicken at home to satisfy her love of Thai food, or maxing out her debit card at Universal Store (online of course).

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