Home delivery hints and tips

What to do when the doorbell rings with your home delivery and how to stay safe while out and about.

Many World Square restaurants and cafes remain open and are ready to take orders for pick-up or delivery as they respond to the changes in the way we eat during the current health crisis.

There is little evidence to support that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food or food packaging, although nobody is absolutely sure.

So when your doorbell rings with that food delivery from World Square that you’ve been hungrily waiting for, or you head out to pick-up that delicious dinner, you need to take a few precautions to minimise any risk.

First of all, many restaurant delivery platforms now offer no-contact drop-off or pick-up as an option when you order. Some restaurants also have the ability to deliver food ordered via the platforms or, if you order directly from the restaurant, they will deliver themselves.

No-contact delivery is one way to ensure you maintain social distancing, plus ensure the health of yourself as well as delivery staff. If you do decide to choose no-contact delivery, this involves delivery staff placing the order at your front door before moving back to a safe distance for both the delivery person and you, the recipient. The recipient should then be contacted by phone to let them know their order has arrived. Delivery staff are then supposed to wait at a distance to ensure the food is collected before they depart.

If you choose to pick up, the venue should have a designated pick-up point where your order should be waiting, clearly marked.

In both cases, delivery and pick-up, it is advisable that you use your own cutlery, dispose of the packaging immediately and wash your hands correctly before you eat.

Alcohol delivery rules have also been relaxed, so your choice of restaurant may be able to deliver wine, beer or spirits as well, for your Friday afternoon virtual drinks. But you may be asked for identification upon delivery to prove you are over 18 to indulge in those home-delivered qaurantinis.


For those over 60 or with an underlying condition, it is not advisable for you to leave your home. If you do need to go out for a food pick-up or to stock up on essentials, here are some quick hints and tips to keep safe.Wash your hands before you go out. And you can sing Happy Birthday, whether it is or not, to yourself twice. Just to make sure you have done the job right.

Carry a small container of hand sanitiser and a packet of disposable disinfecting wipes, where possible. And utilise any of the hand sanitisers that are readily available  throughout World Square, including common touch points such as lift buttons.

You may have also noticed there are safe distancing signs and decals around World Square. So please stay at least 1.5m – or two arms lengths – from each other. They are there to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

While there is still much debate about face masks, in a situation where it is difficult to keep a safe social distance, such as while grocery shopping, a mask is advisable.

“Hands, elbows, knees and toes. Knees and toes.” Not quite! You can use elbows, or knuckles or knees to open doors or press lift buttons. And sanitise your hands if you come into contact with handrails. While our larger retailers have employed the highest sanitising procedures for trolley and shopping baskets, it is advisable that you bring your own bag. If you do need to use a trolley, you might want to use your own disinfecting wipes, or ones that are available. Also avoid sorting through fruit or vegetables, and use plastic bags to select your produce.

Cash is no longer king! Use phone banking apps or a physical card to conduct any transactions. Try also to avoid direct contact with the Point-of-Sale machines. If you need to use the keypad for larger transactions, make sure you sanitise after contact.

Also try to avoid placing your phone down on any surface while out and wipe down your transaction card and smartphone with disinfecting wipes when you return home.

It’s our job to continue to make your World Square experience an easy and pleasant one. So, if you are using the online retail and food and beverage options available, or shopping onsite, all of the above advice is there to help you stay safe. We hope you continue to use World Square as we work our way through this difficult time.

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