Lunar New Year 2020 Featuring The Ratrobats

In celebration of the Year of the Rat, World Square presents ‘The Ratrobats’.

Meet our troupe of eight larger-than-life ‘Rats’ showing off their acrobatic skills in an installation inspired by the ancient tradition of Chinese acrobats and performers.

Eight Rat sculptures (each 2.5m high) will be on display at World Square during Lunar New Year, from Monday 13 January – Sunday 16 February. The friendly Rats are made from hard-coated sculpted polystyrene and are dressed in brightly coloured costumes, each in a different pose. While the Master Rat welcomes visitors to World Square, performing Rats are also scattered through the Square – performing a handstand, balancing pinwheels, juggling on a unicycle and even one suspended high above the Square. Another giant Rat balances on a large chair, and will interact with visitors, perfect for that Selfie moment.

Then watch the cheeky Ratrobats come to life in Augmented Reality on the interactive live screen from Friday 31 January – that’s when the fun really begins.

World Square will also host the renowned Jin Wu Koon which will bring on the good luck and prosperity when they perform the traditional Plucking of the Greens on Friday 24 January, and traditional Lion Dance on Poles on Saturday 25 January, both from 1pm in the Square.

The installation is amusing, engaging and interactive, and follows the success of the ‘Three (not so) Little Pigs’ installation for LNY 2019 at World Square.

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