Meet the Makers!

Kim Terakes and Rob Palmer have worked on six cookbooks together. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing Kim’s simple home-style recipes, captured beautifully through Rob’s lens. What more home-cooking inspo do you need?

Kim Can Cook

In these difficult times, it pays to have a few extra skills up your sleeve. Kim Terakes has consulted to some of Australia’s largest food and liquor companies as well as a range of smaller marketers, ad agencies and restaurants. He can also cook, with over two decades of food writing – with six books to his name – and 25 years experience in advertising. He now shares his handy recipes, inspired by his wide travels and the dishes of international chefs, with the World Square family.

Rob Can Shoot

While Rob Palmer’s photographic career began while bobbing around in the wild waves of Hawaii’s world famous Banzai Pipeline, he has since co-authored, with his wife Sophia,  Colour of Maroc – a Moroccan food and travel cookbook which won the 2014 Australian Gourmand Awards for best Mediterranean Cookbook, and has taken the images for all six of Kim Terakes’ cookbooks. Rob has also just won the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2020 for his photo of Sydney chef and fish butcher Josh Niland.


Croissant Bread & Butter Pudding

Homemade Fish Fingers with Mushy Peas

Ingredients available from Coles & Miracle Asian Supermarket, World Square (Lower Ground).

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