Meet the Ratrobats!

Meet the eight cheeky, talented acrobat Rats who have made World Square their playground as they celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Meet, The Daredevil

A daring Ratrobat aerialist who hangs suspended above World Square. Can you guess where? He carefully holds on to a ring with one hand, while balancing hoops on his ankles and tail. His green outfit is the colour of hope, harmony and growth.

Meet the Juggler

One of the most breath taking acrobatic routines performed on a bicycle. Our Ratrobat takes this famous performance to the next level, riding a unicycle while juggling blind folded! He wears bright pink which represents good fortune and joy.

Meet Mr Whirligig

Our clever Ratrobat balances spinning pinwheels while dexterously standing on one leg! Yellow and gold were worn by ancient Chinese emperors, it symbolises riches and power. Yellow is also symbolic in Buddhism and represents being free from worldly cares.

Meet Mr Selfie

Our Ratrobat skillfully balances on a bench and invites you to take a seat and pose for a selfie – while he photo bombs! He wears orange, a vibrant colour associated with good fortune. Oranges and tangerines are a favourite gift during Lunar New Year. They represent happiness and abundance, and bring good luck.

Meet The Master Ratrobat

Our wise Master Ratrobat welcomes visitors to World Square. His greeting hand gesture shows friendship, respect, and trust which is also made true in the blue colour he wears. The younger Ratrobats have great respect for their Master, who makes sure that the ancient art of acrobatics is preserved and handed down from generation to generation.

Meet the Ratrobat twins

Expertly balanced and forming a comical tower, these Ratrobats remind us of the great strength and ability acrobats have. They make it look so easy, don’t they! They wear green, which is associated with health, prosperity, and harmony.

Meet Mr Show Off

This cheerful Ratrobat shows off his balancing skills and strength by performing a handstand. Red represents fire and brings good luck, happiness, success and good fortune. Pose for a photo and make a peace sign with him!

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