National Boyfriend Day: Date night at World Square

Are you ready to indulge your boyfriend? Let him know just how special he is when you spoil him at World Square, the Premier Shopping District in Sydney!

    Monday 3rd October was a very special day indeed – National Boyfriend Day! If you are looking for a wonderful way to celebrate the great guy in your life, then heading to World Square is sure to ignite the romance. Searching for more ideas? We have the perfect date night all planned out!

    Universal Store

    Being loved up is even better when you get to show the world how happy you are. Show off your magical match when you splurge at Universal Store. This is the best place in Sydney to snap up some matching outfits for you and your other half. Perfect for taking some stunning selfies to commemorate your romantic moments.

    Hype DC

    Struggling with what gifts to buy your guy? Think about things that he truly loves, and go from there. Most guys will have at least one item that they love to collect or something that holds a special significance or memory. Hype DC is here for you if your boyfriend happens to be obsessed with sneakers. A new pair will add to his collection, help you to connect with his passion, and show that you know him inside out.

    The Bavarian

    Shopping ’til you drop in one of the most stylish spots in Sydney’s CBD is fantastic, but you will want to give your boyfriend a meal to remember, too! The Bavarian is the best choice for fun-loving couples, as you can enjoy top-quality beer, experiment with trying some delicious European food, and appreciate the view of World Square all in one spot.

    Masala Kitchen

    Do you want to head for a meal that has a little more romance, and a lot more spice? Then Masala Kitchen is a sensational place to experience truly exotic flavours. This Indian restaurant offers tantalising meals that taste homemade, as well as the best variety of desserts for those with a sweet tooth. It’s a beautiful way to go on an exotic adventure together… all without leaving the city!

    Are you ready to indulge your boyfriend? Let him know just how special he is when you spoil him at the Premier Shopping District in Sydney!

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