New Kids on the Block

Discover our exciting new openings!

Last year was tough, there’s no doubt about that! We were locked down, unable to dine out or catch up with friends and family. But now that it’s 2022, we’re leaving 2021 well and truly behind us and making up for lost time with some exciting new openings!


Founded in 2016, Fishbowl is a made-to-order salad platform with a Japanese twist, seeking to empower its customers into making healthier decisions and turning a salad into a lifestyle. Fish Bowl recognises the role that fast food has taken in our communities and wants to lead a positive revolution that will focus our lifestyles on health. Fishbowl will be open from April 4th – mark your calendars!

Their Tofu Boys bowl is a house favourite,  complete with tofu, kale, cucumber, radish, shallots, edamame, miso tahini dressing and tamari almonds, it’s a must-try!

Masala Kitchen

As a restaurant, tea and gin bar, Masala kitchen offers a new and exciting take on traditional Indian dining. Pairing authentic Indian dishes with a twist, alongside delicious cocktails and over 100 types of gin – this Indian dining experience is like no other. Served in a warm and welcoming environment you’ll want to linger a little longer rather than dine and dash.

Our pick? We recommend trying the Dahi Puri. They’re crispy on the outside with a soft and creamy filling made from mashed potatoes, yoghurt and tamarind chutney. A match made in heaven when paired with the Masala Gin.

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The Naked Duck

Looking for a new culinary adventure? The Naked Duck will take your taste buds on a trip!

An Australian & French eatery with an Asian Twist, their range of famous blackboard specials featuring fresh, healthy salads and succulent cuts of meat and poultry are sure to surprise and delight.

Our recco? The nourish bowl is a must-try. The Naked Duck is not far away from serving up their best dishes.

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