Oops I did it again (It’s a 90’s and naughties revival!)

To keep up with the 90s and 00s revival, we’ve created a list of the most iconic looks making their way back to 2022.

When you think of the 90s and the 00s, the first thing that comes to mind may be your pet Tamagotchi, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Von Dutch trucker hats, and who can forget that time Justin and Brittany walked the red carpet in his and hers double denim?! Nothing is more iconic than the fashion trends of the 90s and naughties, and depending which camp you’re in you’ll either be horrified or thrilled to see that these trends have well and truly made their way back into fashion.

To keep up with the 90s and 00s revival, we’ve created a list of the most iconic looks making their way back to 2022.

1. Bucket hats When it came to headwear in the 90s, the only item that was cooler than the headwear worn by Salt & Pepper was the good old bucket hat. Bucket hats aren’t only incredibly practical in summer or for hiding a bad hair day, but they also add a funky twist to an outfit that even the Price of Bel Air would be proud of.

Our bucket hat of choice? The Superdry Ikat Aop bucket hat. It will add a retro twist to any outfit and will have you nailing the 90s trend!

2. Dr. Martens

Dr.Martens were THE must-have accessory in the 90s grung era.  These chunky leather boots with their iconic stitching have well and truly worked their way back into fashion. Whether you want to rock a pair of Docs tucked into high-waisted jeans or pair them with a floral dress to add a punk twist to an outfit, the Doc Marten 90s style obsession is here to stay.

3. Platform sneakers

From her pigtails to her white mini dresses, Baby Spice was one of the most memorable fashion icons from the 90s. It’s no surprise that yet another of Baby Spice’s fashion staples is well and truly coming back in fashion in 2022, platform sneakers. Brands from Converse to Superga have launched platform versions of their best-selling shoes, helping shoppers in 2022 easily helping shoppers in 2022 to easily recreate a 90s fashion vibe.

4. Plaid

Plaid is back in fashion? In the words of the 90s movie fashion queen, Cher from Clueless, AS IFFF! While Cher’s amazing plaid look from Clueless is a definite source of inspo for the gals, guys can also rock this trend. Check out these oversized plaid button-ups from Glue! Wear it open with a white tee underneath and pair it with Timberlands for a super 90s vibe or button it all the way through for a more subtle reference. From two-pieces to oversized check shirts, rocking the latest 90s trends is accessible to all.

If you’re totally buggin’ to start wearing the latest 90s style trends, visit World Square today and get shopping!

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