Our war on waste

World Square is joining in on the war on waste, developing new energy-saving initiatives and rethinking recycling.

At World Square we are always aiming to improve our sustainability and minimise our impact on the planet.

Waste is one of those subjects not many people like dealing with. Like the bins themselves, they stay tucked away in a corner, or out of site somewhere until they magically disappear on a Wednesday morning just before dawn. Right?

Well, we all know that is not true and waste is one of the pressing issues facing our modern society.

At World Square, our position is that we are always aiming to improve on our sustainability initiatives so we are forever innovating by utilising new technology to lighten our footprint on the landscape. In doing so we hope to continue to enjoy all the benefits of our environment while minimising our impact on it.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing with you the initiatives that are taking place at World Square, in our own war on waste, and how your own small contribution can help make a significant impact overall.

In forthcoming blogs, we will also tell you all about our other initiatives which include our Organics Waste Diversion program for retailers, the electrical light upgrade using LEDs and sensors and milk bottle collection to deal with what’s left over from our love of a morning latte.

So when you next wake to the sound of clattering bins and garbage trucks, know too that World Square is playing its role in reducing waste, saving energy and constantly rethinking recycling.

Written by Grant Jones

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