POLITIX AW21 Collection

Key looks for this season: #ChoosePOLITIX

Freedom comes from owning your choices. What to wear. What to buy. What to be. The world’s trying to tell you who you are, on the inside, and you can either roll with that narrative or make one for yourself. That’s what we mean by owning your choice. You make the rules. You play the game your way. You wear whatever makes you feel good—nothing else really matters. Key looks for the season: #ChoosePOLITIX

Choose your wingman:

Every Maverick needs a Goose, right? This is your wingman, your ride-or-die best mate. The one who gets you into trouble—and always bails you out. This season, you can double up with new denim trucker caps, soft-feel chinos, crew-neck knits and quilted bomber jackets.

Choose your own adventure:

The road is calling, guys. It’s time for an adventure, an old-fashioned, choose-your-own weekend, where the days are long and someone doesn’t chip-in for petrol (there’s always one). For an epic journey with your mates, it has to be our new hybrid overshirt: part shirt, part jacket, 100% sharp.

Choose to relax:

Even if you’re kicking ‘round the house, destroying your mate in Call Of Duty, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Comfy but good. Relaxed but good. That means sweat pants and slim-fit hoodies, made from high-quality, sustainably sourced cotton. It means comfy jogger chinos—and no weird food stains. Welcome to POLITIX and chill.

Visit POLITIX on Ground Level World Square to get your Autumn fashion fix!

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