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Mar 05
Styled for: Anywhere

As we head into next season, it’s about dressing for the occasion and what makes you comfortable, rather than following trends or studying cloud patterns. And that’s the overarching theme for POLITIX’s autumn collection this year: styled for anywhere. As we head into next season, it’s about dressing for the occasion and what makes you […]

Mar 03
Our war on waste

World Square is joining in on the war on waste, developing new energy-saving initiatives and rethinking recycling. At World Square we are always aiming to improve our sustainability and minimise our impact on the planet. Waste is one of those subjects not many people like dealing with. Like the bins themselves, they stay tucked away […]

Feb 24
Quanjude Sydney 2nd Year Anniversary

Quanjude, home of Peking Duck since 1864. Discover the delightful dishes of Quanjude Sydney and indulge all of your senses. Quanjude, established in China in 1864, sells more than 2 million Peking ducks in 400 different styles, to 5 million global customers annually. Their seven-storey restaurant in Hepingmen Ave, Beijing serves up to 5,000 meals […]

Feb 15
Free blue lense upgrade for tired eyes!

Carolina Lemke Berlin offers a free special blue light lense upgrade for a limited time only. Present this article to redeem! Spending a lot of time in front of your computer or smartphone, on a daily basis? Do you sometimes feel like your eyes are getting tired, your vision blurred or feel pain in your […]

Feb 10
Shop like the Ratrobats

Skincare, jewellery, flight deals and yummy food, our Ratrobats know exactly where they like to shop at World Square! Our eight cheeky, talented “Ratrobats” have made World Square their playground as they help us celebrate the Lunar New Year in the Year of the Rat. Our wise Master Ratrobat welcomes visitors to World Square. Make […]

Feb 05
World Square – Always a meeting place

From the Gadigal people of the Eora nation to today’s retail hub, World Square has always been a meeting place. Did you know the site on which World Square now sits has always been a gathering place? For millennia, the Gadigal people of the Eora nation used the site as a meeting ground, long before […]

Feb 03
WSqArt at World Square

World Square is fast becoming a hub for art and creative displays in Sydney’s CBD! A variety of spots around the Square becoming a canvas for a range of artistic endeavours from an array of artists. The artworks appear in a variety of unexpected places, from lift wells to staircases inspiring shoppers to pause and […]

Jan 26
Meet the Ratrobats!

Meet the eight cheeky, talented acrobat Rats who have made World Square their playground as they celebrate the Lunar New Year. Meet, The Daredevil A daring Ratrobat aerialist who hangs suspended above World Square. Can you guess where? He carefully holds on to a ring with one hand, while balancing hoops on his ankles and […]

Dec 27
Lunar New Year 2020 Featuring The Ratrobats

In celebration of the Year of the Rat, World Square presents ‘The Ratrobats’. Meet our troupe of eight larger-than-life ‘Rats’ showing off their acrobatic skills in an installation inspired by the ancient tradition of Chinese acrobats and performers. Eight Rat sculptures (each 2.5m high) will be on display at World Square during Lunar New Year, […]

Dec 20
World Square WeChat!

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