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Apr 05
Venchi has officially opened at World Square!

“Every moment becomes a sweet celebration with Venchi; an immersive experience through the finest chocolate selection, and a wide range of authentic Italian gelato.” World-renowned chocolatier Venchi 1878 has officially opened its second store in Australia, and that is definitely worth celebrating. Their newest store opened its doors on April 6, 2024, at World Square […]

Feb 08
Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival at World Square!

Welcome to World Square’s Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival. World Square invites you to join us for a spectacular showcase of cultural and festive spirit. From captivating dragon dances to mesmerising fire shows and lantern displays, this festival promises an immersive experience for visitors of all ages.   Join us as we come together to […]

Sep 21
Gong Grocer by Thai Kee – Sydney’s first high end Asian grocer.

In a city as diverse as Sydney, the grand opening of Gong Grocer at World Square promises to be a game-changer. Sydney has been missing a modern Asian supermarket that offers a holistic and refreshing experience, making Asian food, cuisine, and culture accessible to all customers. World Square, now home to Sydney’s first high-end Asian […]

Sep 21
The Significance of Mooncake Celebration in Asian and Chinese Culture

Sydney has been embracing the celebration of the Chinese New Year throughout the city for years, but there is another celebration that holds dear in the heart of the Asian community : The Mooncake Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival is a time-honored tradition that holds a special place in Asian and Chinese culture, […]