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Jan 26
Meet the Ratrobats!

Meet the eight cheeky, talented acrobat Rats who have made World Square their playground as they celebrate the Lunar New Year. Meet, The Daredevil A daring Ratrobat aerialist who hangs suspended above World Square. Can you guess where? He carefully holds on to a ring with one hand, while balancing hoops on his ankles and […]

Dec 27
Lunar New Year 2020 Featuring The Ratrobats

In celebration of the Year of the Rat, World Square presents ‘The Ratrobats’. Meet our troupe of eight larger-than-life ‘Rats’ showing off their acrobatic skills in an installation inspired by the ancient tradition of Chinese acrobats and performers. Eight Rat sculptures (each 2.5m high) will be on display at World Square during Lunar New Year, […]