Quanjude Sydney 2nd Year Anniversary

Quanjude, home of Peking Duck since 1864. Discover the delightful dishes of Quanjude Sydney and indulge all of your senses.

Quanjude, established in China in 1864, sells more than 2 million Peking ducks in 400 different styles, to 5 million global customers annually.

Their seven-storey restaurant in Hepingmen Ave, Beijing serves up to 5,000 meals a day, and covers a floor area of 15,000 square metres. With more than 40 private dining rooms, it can seat up to 2,000 guests!

In 2018, Quanjude opened its first branch in Sydney, and 28 March, 2020, marks the 2nd anniversary of its opening! Prepare for huge offers around Quanjude’s signature dish – the famous Pecking Duck! Not only is everything prepared in-house, but once the duck is cooked, it is sliced on the restaurant table in front of you and served with a side of cucumber, shallots and home-made black bean sauce.

And it gets better, the delicious crispy-skinned duck is served with a traditional side of white sugar for dipping. It’s time to bring back those memories of eating candy at amusement parks along with those subtle caramel flavours!

The duck can also be made into a soup or can be wok-fried with salt & pepper.

The art of cooking Peking Duck is what Quanjude has refined for the past 156 years. They only provide the best and always cook fresh to order.

Also enjoy entertainment every Saturday with a traditional Monkey Dance at Quanjude, the ‘changing face’ mask performance brings quite the crowd! You can appreciate the show while still being able to see your very own duck being cooked in a stone oven.

You can also book Yum Cha every day, from 11.30-3pm, where everything on the lunch menu is only $7.80. And if that doesn’t fill your belly, book your dinner between 5.30-10pm where menu options include live seafood from our tank.

Quanjude is the perfect for private parties or as a meeting place with multiple private rooms, small and large, all available. Did we mention there’s no room-hire fee?

Book here now or call Quanjude on 9267 7288 for a traditional Beijing dining experience!

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