Spice up your life(style)

We’re here to pop the bubble hovering over your thoughts with some mood boosting tips for while you’re at home.

‘Are you still watching?’ …If you want to say something, Netflix, just say it… 🙄

You know you’ve been at home for too long when your daily exercise consists of walking from the couch to the fridge 10 times when your only interaction with another person is your Uber Eats delivery guy and when the biggest decision you have to make is what pair of pyjamas to wear today.

We’re all guilty of this and as much as we would love to just marinate at home, a healthy lifestyle filled with exercise and nutritious food is a lifestyle we want to promote! Your physical health stimulates mental well-being which overall can make you feel your best.  Who doesn’t love that endorphin rush after a workout? Tell us we are wrong.

We’re here to pop the bubble surrounding your energetic thoughts with some mood-boosting tips for while you’re at home.

What’s your gut telling you?

A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system and many other health benefits, such as better sleeping and improved digestion. Improved gut health can also relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.

For a feel-good break in the middle of your day, Top Juice is the place to go for fresh juices, smoothies, healthy salads or snacks. For a gut reset, try their range of detox shots such as kale, ginger or wheatgrass. Their ingredients are all sourced from local growers. Now is the perfect time to tantalise your tastebuds whilst giving back to your local community.

Home is where the heart is.

Start your day with purpose! Wake up to an alarm, make your bed and have a shower. Setting these morning habits will help you start the day on the right foot and will motivate you to be productive throughout.

Trying out new recipes is a great way to pass the time and expose yourself to new textures and flavours whilst promoting healthy eating. Coles as we know, stocks all the goods from fresh fruit and veg to delicious meats and cheeses. But, we’re going to do you a favour and share their ‘Cheat’s Ramen’ recipe with you – it only takes 15 minutes!. For more inspired recipes, you can pick up the Coles catalogue or head to their website.

If you’re feeling like Asian cuisine, try out Miracle Asian Supermarket & Butcher! They stock a wide variety of meat, fresh Asian vegetables, tofus, soya products and also have an extensive range of refrigerated and frozen goods like dumplings, dumplings and more dumplings.


Exercise, exercise… and pamper!

Exercising from home gives you the ability to go at your own pace, build confidence, and, the best part, blare your feel-good tunes out loud (sorry neighbours).

If you missed the boat and didn’t get exercise gear for home, you can also improvise and use what’s in your cupboard. Wine bottle dumbbells anyone? If you have a big bag of rice (Miracle Asian Supermarket) you’ve got a medicine ball for your weighted squats.

Now that you’ve broken a sweat, don’t forget to reward yourself with a trip to the ‘spa’. Located in the bathroom of your home. Put together a DIY spa package from Priceline. They offer the best beauty and skincare products from around the world. Try out their variety of peels, eyes & face masks to keep your skin feeling nourished.

Maintaining good skin health through face peels and cleaners allows you to relieve stress and wind down completely.

Treat yourself because you deserve it.

You’ve got to treat yourself to avoid burn-out, boost your energy, and, well, remind yourself that you deserve it.

Why not check out Max Brenner – Australia’s favourite dessert restaurant which creates mouth-watering combinations that truly invoke your tastebuds.

For over 21 years, Max Brenner has pushed boundaries to create chocolate delights that will boost your serotonin levels and lead to a happier mindset. From chocolate mousse Dutch cocoa cookies to cookies in a jar, you can’t go wrong!

Are you more of a savoury person? Hokkaido + PAFU have joined forces to create tarts that combine three different kinds of cheese to perfect Asia’s traditional cheese tart. It’s more than what you bargained for!

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