Spring Health Kick Hacks

Spring is a time where flowers bloom, the sun shines and the temperature rises. We share our best hacks to feel your best self this Spring.

Let’s keep it real, we’re all guilty of overindulging over the last few months…

But, spring has well and truly sprung, and do you know what that means? We are getting closer to freedom and now is looking like the perfect time to start that health kick in prep for summer!

Spring is a time where flowers bloom, the sun shines and the temperature rises. For most people, this is a time when they feel more motivated to become better and healthier versions of themselves. So follow along for our best hacks to feel your best self this spring.

#1 Strive for a balanced diet

Maintaining a healthy diet means for a healthier life, positive mind and more energy, something we all need right about now! A healthy balance means incorporating physical activity with foods from the 5 food groups (Veggies, Fruit, Grain, Lean Meats and Dairy). We are also encouraged to decrease our intake of saturated fat, added salt, added sugars and alcohol, and to store our food properly. See the Australian Dietary Guidelines for more information.  A balanced diet doesn’t mean plain old salads and juice cleanses, it can also mean healthy burgers and tacos! To help you work towards the 5 food groups, check out the Fable x Grill’d collab where shiitake mushrooms elevate the senses to deliver a delicious and nutritious burger! And while we are talking about mushrooms (which are an excellent source of Vitamin D by the way), Guzman Y Gomez have also announced their Chimi Shredded Mushroom Taco and their new shredded mushroom filling.

#2 Swap your soft drink for a juice or smoothie

What better way to fill your stomach than with a juice or smoothie that is packed with the fruit and veg you need for a better day. As the weather warms up, we are craving mangoes more and more! Luckily for us, Boost Juice has introduced mango bubbles and the new Mango QPower Smoothie. This is a must try!

Top Juice’s SIim Grin cold-pressed juice also packs a punch! Their green smoothies and juices call on kale for an extra dose of Vitamin A, C and K, ticking lots of essential nutrients off the list in one hit.

#3 Make friends with salad.

For a filling lunch, a salad is always a nutritious option that leaves you with a full tummy and no guilt. The Gardens has a broad variety of options and you can even build your own! We recommend adding protein such as chicken or tofu to make your salad have extra punch.

If a bowl of salad isn’t your style, stop by Nosh for a jam-packed sandwich that will definitely fill a hole and satisfy your cravings. There are many ways to get your greens into your daily diet and when it’s mixed with slices of wholegrain or wholemeal bread, or maybe even toasted, you are in for a treat!

#4 Embrace Incidental Exercise 

If you’re not one to go for a run or engage in matt pilates, then why not get started on that Spring Clean? A light to vigorous clean can burn between 170-200 calories per hour!  The equivalent of a 1 hour walk.

All the cleaning supplies you need can be found at Coles, so we recommend doing a ‘reccy’ of your cleaning cupboard before you begin.

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist: 
  • Sweep the floor
  • De-pill the couch
  • Vacuum the rugs and carpet
  • Windex the mirrors and windows
  • Clean the toilet
  • Clean the bathrooms – we are talking inside and outside the shower, the bathtubs, the basins and don’t forget to clean the drains!
  • DUST. Dust everything!
  • Wipe the window sills and skirting boards
  • Look up and remove all cobwebs.
  • Declutter – throw out your 5-month-old junk mail and put your car keys in a bowl.
  • Finally… clean our your wardrobe!

Have we inspired you with our 4 hacks? Let us know how you go with your health kick!

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