Summer Styles

The light peeping in from our bedroom window at 5am in the morning, the tingling feeling of the sun on our skin when we step outside, the sand in our car and smell of saltwater in the air. It can only mean one thing, summer has arrived!

As the weather heats up and the clouds begin to disappear, so too do the layers of clothing.

It’s time for us hermits and homebodies to graduate from activewear and pj’s to something a little more sophisticated and acceptable to everyday life. Say goodbye to your favourite snuggie, put away the activewear that you wore on rotation and while you’re at it, throw out those trackies you refuse to throw away even though they have holes and stains all over them. We’re welcoming summer with a bang, bringing in the new season with a complete wardrobe glow-up!

At World Square, we’ve taken it to the streets, working hard to bring you the latest summer trends and advice from the experts. No, don’t worry crocs will not be making a return this season; however, stay tuned because we have found some surprising fashion trends you may not have expected.

Lovers of Linen 

Linen has become so popular, it’s not just a staple in our closets but has almost become a cultural movement. And we get it, what’s not to love about the breathable, durable and stylish material that is cool in every way?

To start us off, Nude Lucy the Label has introduced a range of linen styles that can be found in our very own Glue Store. The Linen Lounge Shirt and Pant make the perfect get-up for a leisurely lunch with friends or you can dress it down with sandals for the beach. They also have party shirts for men and come in a range of different colours (p.s. they are also ideal to avoid sweat patches).

Sandal Season

They may not be for everyone but they are damn comfy. If you’re a sandal sceptic, just wait until you put on a pair and you won’t be able to take them off. 2021 welcomed the return of the work-from-home shoes, the Birkenstock and velcro straps. Popular choices that have now become a staple in our shoe repertoire. Find yourself a pair (or two) at Glue Store or Universal StoreDr.Martens also have their very own sandals with attitude! They can be worn everyday casual or with a dress to replace your heels. Either way, they’re the summer statement you didn’t know you needed.

It’s all about the accessories!

2022 is all about the statement pieces! Neutral coloured clothes complemented with BIG, BOLD coloured handbags, sunglasses, scarves and not to mention the shoessssss. A simple outfit can be transformed with a bold pair of tinted sunglasses. Carolina Lemke has a range of show-stopping sunnies that will make people turn heads. Our favourite? The yellow tint!

If handbags are more your style, look no further than Universal Store. We’re talking zebra print, 90’s styles, bright green leather and even a return of the chain.

Dress to Impress

It’s all about dresses this summer and they come in all sorts of colours and sizes! We’ve started to move away from the tight short dress and move towards more flowy, mid-length & maxi dresses. Whatever style you prefer, Ally Fashion has a range that will suit everyone. The flavour of the season is big, bold block colours and a welcomed return to floral designs.

Treat yourself at home. 

Ok so we know we told you to throw away your tracksuits and put away the activewear but that was only so you can make room for new summer styles from the likes of Lorna Jane and Peter Alexander.

Lorna Jane has introduced a range for print lovers and neutral addicts! It’s time to roll out the shorts and comfy bandeau tops.

Last but not least, we end the day with a comfy pair of pyjamas from Peter Alexander. They have released new styles that are great for the warm weather and don’t result in you waking up in a panicked sweat in the middle of the night. With styles for everyone in the family to love, they also make the perfect gift for summer.

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