Warm the Soul with Comfort Food

If you’re needing a hug in the form of grub, we’ve rounded up some of the best World Square vendors and the tastiest comfort food options they offer.

Let’s face it – between the ongoing lockdowns and the hard winter months, we could all use a bit of comfort right now. Food and drink are two of the biggest providers of comfort, whether it’s a hearty chicken pie, a steaming cup of coffee, or a portion of pork dumplings for you and your friends to share. Whatever your food choice, you can find it at World Square.

If you’re needing a hug in the form of grub, we’ve rounded up some of the best World Square vendors and the tastiest comfort food options they offer.

Gami Chicken & Beer

Everyone loves chicken. Everyone loves beer. Gami Chicken & Beer is the perfect pick-me-up for those in need of some TLC. Tender lovin’ (fried) chicken, of course! Their signature Korean flavour is comprised of 17 signature herbs and spices and is the perfect heartwarming choice of food. For the ultimate comfort dish that will be sure to leave you in a food coma try their Chicken Corndue. Yes you read that right, Corndue. Similar to the cheese fondue, it features melted corn-based cheese for you to dip crispy chicken pieces into. We say ‘YES’!


Guzman Y Gomez, known as GYG, is the epitome of authentic Mexican food and is open for both takeaway and delivery. They offer the best culinary combination known to mankind: fast food and fresh, quality ingredients. Tell your tastebuds their siesta is over with their nachos, classic burritos, quesadillas and churros. GYG provides Mexican comfort food like no other. Our favourite? The loaded fries! PSA: If you download the new GYG app you can get a free mini burrito!


Located on the lower ground of World Square, Papparich specialises in fine Malaysian food. Whether you want to be warmed by the fieriness of their popular Nasi Lemak, or enveloped by the silky richness of Curry Laksa, Papparich offers distinctive tastes sure to melt your worries away.

Pie Face

Pies. Need we say more? Pie Face offers fresh, wholesome food to satisfy your cravings from fresh beef, to chicken and mushroom and steak bacon and cheese. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are sausage rolls with spinach and cheese, beef or lamb and rosemary, plus there are donuts and sandwiches! We are absolutely salivating now… Did we mention they sell pies?


Did someone say comfort food… we mean dessert! Breadtop have a variety of sweet treats to truly create a party for your tastebuds. Breadtop has been sweetening our tooth since 2005, and boy do we have a lot to be grateful for! From savoury carbs like garlic bread and ham scrolls, to jam donuts and sweet sponge cakes – we’d be surprised if you didn’t find something for you. Our pick? The Japanese sponge rolls! Get your flavour in green tea matcha coffee, tiger skin, mixed fruit, taro or chocolate!

Max Brenner

Succulent, delicious and comforting – the universal adjectives for chocolate!

Max Brenner graced our grounds with their speciality chocolate bar only a short time ago, selling a range of chocolate-based dishes and drinks including creamy milkshakes, romantic fondues to share, and even a roasted marshmallow-topped chocolate pizza for those times when you REALLY need a slice or two of happiness.

Coco Tea

Elevate your ordinary cup of tea with bubble tea! It’s certainly the hype across social media, and the likes of Uber Eats and Deliveroo! Coco Tea sells a delicious range of Taiwanese teas. You can order iced tea, milky tea, fresh tea and even slushies and smoothies. Count us in for a slurp! It is the perfect fix for getting you out of that winter funk.

So there you have it! Just some of the best comfort foods from some of the vendors at World Square.

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