‘Weaving Thru The World’ – Sustainable Art Sculpture

The making of a mesmerising, sustainable art sculpture residing high above George Street, World Square.

Bright, bold and sustainable!

Who would have thought something so beautiful could be made up of discarded materials?

Residing high above George Street at World Square, ‘Weaving Thru The World’ is made from thousands of recycled fabric pieces sourced from Reverse Garbage.

Developed by the multitalented artist Gabrielle Filtz of VANDAL, this sustainable art sculpture is part of our semi-permanent placemaking installation ‘A World Of Colour‘ delivered in collaboration with the City of Sydney.

With each element individually woven by hand, ‘Weaving Thru The World’ is made of discarded fabrics, ribbons and rope from old City of Sydney street banners and Mardi Gras flags, giving a second life to Sydney’s cultural heritage in the form of a bold, upcycled work of art for Sydney-siders to enjoy.

Check out how this sustainable sculpture was created here.

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