Welcome to a World of Colour

‘A World of Colour’ is a whimsical journey not to be missed, co-created with VANDAL and proudly supported by the City of Sydney.

All main gateways to World Square have undergone a candy-coloured transformation as part of the new semi-permanent installation ‘A World of Colour’.

Co-created with VANDAL and proudly supported by the City of Sydney, this vibrant, mesmerising installation is a feast for the eyes! From walkways splashed with brightly coloured shapes to intriguing works of art suspended from above, ‘A World of Colour’ is a whimsical journey not to be missed.

Ready to explore?

Here’s what you can expect on your first visit to ‘A World of Colour’!

A Whimsical Journey Awaits

Spanish Steps

Follow the zig-zag up the Spanish Steps as you explore the high voltage art and striking patterns lighting the path. Cover your ears and bring your shades because the artwork is LOUD!

If you’re looking for a reason to step out of the office, this is it. Brighten up your lunch break and enjoy a Kingswood cuppa as you marvel at the design.

‘Weaving Thru the World’

As you make your way up the Spanish Steps from George Street, residing high above is ‘Weaving Thru the World’.

Made from thousands of recycled fabric pieces, ribbons and rope from old City of Sydney street banners, festivals and flags, individually woven and wrapped together by hand, this bold statement piece is mesmerising and sustainable in equal parts!

Liverpool Lane

They say that colours stimulate your appetite and what better place to do so. Liverpool Lane just got a drastic makeover and it’s a vibe! Whether you takeaway or dine-in, you’ll be in art heaven with live music, suspended ornaments and floor decals that line the path to the very best lunch spots.

If you enjoy your art in combination with cutting-edge sounds, you’ll be delighted to know that Liverpool Lane is also home to ‘Soulful Sounds’ – live sessions from the likes of Emily Hanks, Gracie Jean, Junio Karo Karo, and tonnes of other musical prodigies – running every Thursday–Sunday until the end of August.

Corner of George & Goulburn Street

If you’re starting your journey from the South-West side of World Square, expect to be captivated by a striking pop-art mural and playful floor embellishments. If you live for Instagrammable backdrops, you’ll be in your element here.

Corner of Pitt & Goulburn Street

If polka dots are your thing, you’ll soon be gushing over World Square’s South-East entry. Follow the winding paths of dots to your favourite stores, treating them as stepping stones if you like a challenge!

Corner of George and Liverpool Street

World Square’s North-West Entry has undergone a candy-coloured transformation you’re going to love. Hop, skip and jump into your favourite stores like GlueSuperdry and The North Face! If you need an energy boost after jumping over the cracks, Boost Juice is waiting for you at the finish line.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

If you’re fired up about our new installation, we don’t blame you. Start planning your visit to ‘A World of Colour’ today!

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