What Your Winter Wardrobe Says About You

Sit back, relax and rug up because we’ve got our list of winter wardrobe essentials that oozes personality!

When the weather turns cold and grey, we might be tempted to let our wardrobe do the same. Our clothes say a lot about who we are so don’t dim your personality or your style! Sit back, relax and rug up because we’ve got our list of winter wardrobe essentials that oozes personality!



Faux Leather Oversized Blazer, Ally Fashion

You like looking smart, but you also don’t take yourself too seriously. This oversized blazer is the perfect way to spruce up your look.


Reversible Bomber Jacket, Glue Store

For you, it’s all about options. You’re a person who loves having flexibility. With the cool reversible design of this jacket, you’ll be able to match your outfit perfectly every time.


Leo Eco Filling Puffa Jacket, Oxford Shop

You’re someone who loves doing your bit for the environment. This planet-friendly jacket means you’ll feel good about saving the world, and you’ll feel warm, too!


E Kimono, Republic Boutique

You love class and elegance, and don’t step out the door unless you feel styled up to the max. This gorgeous black kimono is the perfect, elegant accompaniment to any style-lover’s wardrobe.


Vintage Crop Ziphood, Superdry

You’re an old soul who just likes to keep things mucho-relaxo. This jacket’s perfect if you just want to chill out – while still staying warm. Netflix and chill, anyone?


Men’s Printed Antora Anorak, The North Face

You’re someone who likes to comfortably blend in. This camo-print jacket means you can! And if you’re a keen adventurer, it’s perfect for any weekend trips.


Cropped 90s Denim Jacket, Universal Store

Let’s face it: you miss the 90s. This denim jacket brings 90s fashion to you! And if you’re a lover of the layers – and already have 10 layers on – this gives you that extra layer of warmth and comfort you need.

Shop at World Square this winter

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