Whisk away your wellness worries!

Follow our 5 steps to keep hellah-entertained at home.

We’ve got your one-stop shop for all things wellness – because a healthy mind means a healthy lifestyle! While we are in lockdown, it can be difficult to adapt your routine and social life, but we are here to make it all the more easier for you!

Follow our steps and you will find yourself hella-entertained and more in touch with Sydney culture and your own mind – namaste.

Step 1: Your eyes

Yes, they’re beautiful, but with all the extra screen time from working from home, time spent on social media and reading books, your eyes are getting just as much of a workout as if you were running a marathon. How timely that it is also National Eye Exam month! While at home, have a look at a new pair of blue-light lenses from 1001 Optical or OPSM to give your eyes extra protection from the screens. Plus, you should consider including more Vitamin E and C in your diet as it helps with your eyesight… Think seeds, nuts, and citrus fruits.

Image: @anna.mei.tapia on Instagram

Step 2: Your mind

Stimulate your senses with some classic board games, card games and brain-teasers! Between EB GAMES and JB Hi-Fi, there is bound to be something to satisfy every member of the family. A game of Jenga or UNO never bored anyone, and there are so many new and exciting variations of these family favourites.  There is even a new Friends Card Scramble out that we highly recommend for all of you who have just finished binge-watching the entire 10 seasons on Netflix.

Have you spent a lot of time watching the Olympics? How about actually participating with the Nintendo Switch Tokyo Olympics game? Maybe you’ll win gold like our Aussie swimmers!

Step 3: Dare to dream

Do you love art? Animals? You name it and we bet there is a live stream or virtual reality experience available that can help take your mind off the 4 walls surrounding you.

Let’s start with our animal lovers or parents with younger children! Taronga TV is for you!

Taronga is bringing its two beautiful Zoos directly into your living room with their live streams. Watch the elephants, lions, otters and more!

For the art lovers: the Art Gallery of NSW is bringing Hilma af Klint to your living room. With enigmatic symbols and radiant colour combinations, you’re destined to be inspired to create your own art.

Step 4: Your body 

Like many Sydney-siders, our workout routines have been impacted with us unable to delight in our usual spin class or pilates session. But there are so many gyms offering online classes that are sure to get your heart rate up in your lounge room or back yard.

Check out Pilates Anytime for a selection of free at-home workouts to keep your glutes burning and your mind smiling!

When all the hard work is done – it’s nice to cosy on up into something a little more comfortable and Peter Alexander is definitely the place for this. At this time of year, flannelette PJ pants and fluffy dressing gowns are a go-to.

Step 5: Your space 

Our final word of wisdom for you today is – DECLUTTER.

Channel your inner Marie Kondo or Barefoot Investor and get organised! There are 4 things you should focus on in this slowdown and they are your wallet/handbag, desk, wardrobe, and pantry because, after all of this, your mind will also feel a sense of calm!

A phone call to Commonwealth Bank might be in order to open up another savings account or order a new card, and perhaps a trip to Coles for some stationary is in order to stock up on your highlighter collection!

So while you’re at it, clear your desk and donate some old clothes to free up some extra wardrobe space. Your head and your heart will thank you for it and you will launch into the new day feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the world throws at you.

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